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What it Takes to Live a Good Life: Leo Babuta Shares his Failures, Struggle and Success

I got an opportunity to watch this inspiring conversation between Leo Babuta and Jonathan Fields on what it takes to live a good life. Ideas shared in this conversation sink deeply, simply because of the authenticity and honesty with which Leo talks about his failures, struggle and staying grounded after success.

Here are some key take aways from this conversation:

  1. If doing something scares you, just think – “No matter what happens, I will be fine” – it is this Confidence and Self belief that will help you overcome challenges
  2. There is nothing more important than – genuinely helping others. Everyday, ask yourself this question – “Have I helped someone?”
  3. Measure your growth not by how may clicks or twitter followers but by how many people you have helped and how many people can put trust upon you.
  4. Be real, be honest and be trustworthy. People have a sense if someone is faking it out.
  5. Share your success and failures with others because it might help them and you have nothing to loose.
  6. Stay grounded and modest. No matter how much you know, there will always be another door opening a new world of knowledge. Don’t get overwhelmed by how much you don’t know. At the same time, don’t get boastful if people admire you for something that you know.
  7. Replace “Opinions” with “Curiosity” (This is my favorite!). The moment you have an opinion, you stop learning. Instead, if you have curiosity, you can move with the flow of what’s there and possibly learn from it.
  8. Build genuine human connections

That’s all I can remember. Do watch the entire video. I am sure you will discover something more.

Here is the full video:

Request: Bookmark this video and watch it later if you don’t have time right now


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