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Top 10 Productivity Killers

Are you struggling to get things done everyday and still remain busy? Surprisingly, the reason for this busyness is not just about the work itself. It’s also about a large number of internal and external factors that kill our productivity.

Here are top ten productivity killers to watch out for:

  1. Surfing endlessly: The seductive nature of internet allowing people to click from one hyperlink to another is the biggest consumer of time and attention. The quest to find useful information on internet often lands up feeding our curiosity. Here is a handy solution for it.
  2. Checking e-mails often: Checking e-mails multiple times a day can suck away a lot of attention and productivity. Unless you are in a customer support type role, habit of checking e-mail frequently might easily turn into an obsessive compulsive behavior. Here is a solution to this problem.
  3. Meetings: Having too many meetings or long meetings can be very toxic and detrimental to getting anything worthwhile done. Try to keep meetings to minimum, shorten meeting times and do a lot of background work before meetings to save time and energy.
  4. Frequent distractions: Constantly ringing cellphones, messages in im’s and frequent interruptions from co-workers are most common types of distractions. These distractions can be avoided by getting a pair of headphone and putting them on (even if you are not listening to music), taking your instant messenger to invisible mode and turning off all alerts on you cellphone.
  5. Social networking sites: Apart from ‘shares’ and ‘likes’, games played on social networks have added a new dimension to amount of productive time lost. When you are spending time on social networks or playing games, someone else is making money at the cost of your time and energy.
  6. Disorganization: For many people, frequent source of procrastination comes from not being organized. An immediate impact of disorganization can be seen in the mental horsepower being lost in dealing with the uncertainties, surprises and urgencies.
  7. Lack of clarity and definition: In knowledge work, a big part of work is to define the work itself. If you don’t think and develop enough clarity on what needs to be done, it usually consumes much more time and effort than needed. A big productivity killer.
  8. Unrealistic expectations: This is an extension of previous point but deserves it’s own place. Since there is a lack of clarity about the tasks and activities at hand, we tend to make unrealistic commitments to ourselves and others. When the expectations are not met, they turn into failures resulting in unproductive behaviors.
  9. Multi-tasking: When you try to do everything, you end up accomplishing nothing. Multi-tasking is the surest recipe to not getting anything worthwhile done.
  10. Too many things on mind: Many people overly utilize their mind to remember and process everything at the same time. Usually there is a inverse relationship between how much is on your mind and how much it gets done.

Unless you do something about each of these productivity killers, they can become a way of life and pave the way towards chronic stress and never ending busyness.

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