7 Valuable Productivity Lessons from Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the best selling author of 18 magnificent books on marketing and change. He is regarded as the modern marketing guru. As an avid fan of his blog and having read his timeless classics such as LinchpinThe DipThe Icarus Deception and Poke the Box, I know for sure that his writing is “phenomenal” – nothing short of a genius.

Valuable productivity lessons from Seth Godin

Seth Godin productivity lessons

In an interview with Michael Sliwinski at Productivity Magazine, Seth uncovers some of his productivity secrets.

Here are the 7 lessons on personal productivity learnt from this interview:

  1. Don’t’ spend time attending meetings (unless absolutely necessary)
  2. Keep yourself away from things which are stalling – social networks, television (list is endless)
  3. Focus on things you do very well and do them with leverage and passion
  4. Do things where you feel uncomfortable and scary, don’t let the resistance slow you down
  5. You have a built-in-thing, ‘a talent’, the world is afraid of – show it
  6. Pick yourself, don’t wait for someone or some else’s permission to get started
  7. Don’t keep a schedule, modeling your day based on someone’s is a huge mistake

To read the entire interview, visit the Productivity Magazine Interview page here.

I think those are some of the most fascinating lessons learnt on productivity – I hope you find them equally valuable.

Now that you know how his genius comes into play, how do you want to uncover yours?

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