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Stress-free productivity

We are living in a world overflowing with information and communication. Never before in human history have we faced such infinite number of choices. While the choices are infinite, our time and attention are finite. Amidst hundreds of things to do, we tend to loose perspective and often feel lack of control in our lives. Result, we constantly remain in the state of anxiety and stress.

More than ever before, stress free productivity is the need of the hour. Our standard education system or the cutting edge software, calendars and to-do apps are not sufficient to help us live a life of stress free productivity. In my quest to look for a highly productive and stress free life, I found three patterns essential to practice stress free productivity – Clarity, Focus and Consistency.

Through this website, I will share the insight in Living a life of originality, creativity and stress free productivity by implementing three fundamental principles – Clarity, Focus & Consistency.

About Hrishikesh

Hrishikesh Jobanputra is the Author of Productive Motion.com. He helps business owners and self-starters get ahead in work and life.

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