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Productivity is All About Focus & Flow

Developing natural focus and creativity

Deeply immersing into something brings up natural focus

Just a while ago, I was watching my 6 years old kid deeply immersed into scribbling pictures in a small diary (see the picture). He was scribbling page after page drawing interesting shapes and figures. When I asked him what it was, he described each shape in vivid detail. It was a sheer joy watching him so deeply involved.

There is something to learn from this experience.

Each one of us has something which we can deeply immerse ourselves in.

What is it that you love the most? What can have you immerse yourself hours into something without realizing the time fly by?

During my childhood days, summer vacations were the most exciting times when the time used to fly by. We would spend entire days creating gizmos often getting lost in our own ‘scientific world’ – make trolleys and robots. On certain occasions, we would start with sunrise, go up on our apartment roof and begin. Before we could finish our ‘invention’, the sun would start setting in – to our realization that we skipped the lunch!

Do you remember any such occasion when you were totally lost in doing that one thing? I am sure each one of has such experiences.

That’s productivity in all it’s splendor!

When we see the originality of 37Signals, quality of Apple products, or the writings of Seth Godin, deep focus and flow is in action. There are numerous such examples but the core principle remains the same РFocus & Flow.

How do you get into your Focus and Flow? Is it a new hobby or a passion you have been suppressing for a long time or is it something that you need to give up or complete?

The easiest way to get your Focus and Flow back is to find something adventurous, fun and interesting!

What has been your experience with Focus and Flow?

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