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How to improve productivity at workplace

Due to constantly rising number of distractions, Personal Productivity has become a major challenge at workplace. According to a recent study, an average person at work spends 2.1 hours in distractions everyday. Moreover, an he/she is interrupted every 11 minutes and it takes around 25 minutes to re-focus. Another major reason for lack of productivity is multi-tasking.

Here are a few simple practices you can follow to dramatically improve your productivity at workplace:

1. Set  your priorities realistically – Assess your time and available resources guided by outcomes to set your priorities. This should be done on the previous day. Before taking a task on high priority, ask yourself these questions –  Is this task going to be useful towards making progress in the most important goals? Can this task be deferred for a task which is more important? Can I delegate it to someone else?

2. Treat first 3 hours like gold mine – First 3  hours of your day are most critical. Try to pump out as much as you can in the first 3 hrs. Get your top priority task done in this time. If possible, turn-off your cell phone and internet so that you can give your 100%.

3. Check your e-mails only twice a day – If the nature of your work does not involve a “customer support” like role then don’t try to be one. Check your e-mail twice a day, once at the beginning and second at the end of the day.

4. Work after allocating time to the task – This is lesser known but real secret to great productivity. Before you start a task, tell yourself  the time you will take to finish it. For example, I told myself to write this blog post in less than 60 minutes. As soon as your brain has a constraint of time, it starts processing the “most useful” information faster. It is in full action. Try doing this and you will love the results.

5. Stop multi-tasking – Multi-tasking is the biggest curse of our times. The moment you start doing two tasks, you spread yourself into half for each of them and none of them gets it’s due.

6. Review work done or not done during the day – At the end of the day, review the tasks done or not done during the day. Re-prioritize your tasks and choose the top 3-5 tasks you will get done next day.

Once you start following these practices, you will notice a remarkable increase in your productivity and a sense of self satisfaction.

What Productivity tricks do you follow at workplace?

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