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How to Captivate your Client and Make Yourself Irressistable


how to create irresistible proposals

Recently, a freelancer (let’s call him ‘John’) shared his experience – “Client loved the plan I sent them, but he is looking for someone who implemented similar projects in past. I am not sure if I will be hired.”

He was on the brink of losing a fantastic client, who could be easily worth a few thousand dollars.

A majority of freelancers/business owners face a common problem while offering something new to their prospects. There aren’t any testimonials, no solid proof and lack of “real work” to show. Result, prospects don’t trust them, and opportunities are lost, almost like a racing car zooming past in front of their eyes.

On the contrary, when Apple launches a brand new product, thousands of people line up in queue. They eagerly wait for hours to buy a product which is neither scarce nor a basic necessity?

Of course you might exclaim “Apple always create great products” Or, “They do a great job at marketing”. But those arguments do not convey the real picture. There is something else that goes behind the scene.

In this article we will look deeper into this phenomenon and determine the fundamental principle that Apple puts to work. And more importantly, how can you apply the same principle to make your product/service irresistible in front of your prospects.

What’s missing in John’s case? It’s quite clear that Client does like his offer but they are reluctant to hire him. On surface it seems that they don’t trust him. But there is something else going on inside Client’s head that John isn’t able to grasp.

I am sure you might have faced similar situation. How do you create trust when there is no history of past success? And how does John’s example relates to Apple story?

Of course, there is a link.

In both situations, there is one thing in common – “The Power to Captivate the Audience”. Apple is able to Captivate its audience, but John hasn’t done that. In fact, he has even lost the hope of closing that deal.

Let me clarify. Captivating isn’t about testimonials, social proof or some pushy tactics… and yes, it’s also not about Trust.

So what’s the key to Captivate your audience. How do you build such deep level of relatedness that prospects find you irresistible?

In two words it’s called “Information glues”

An “Information glue” isn’t just any information. It’s the right information, at the right time, at the right place.  In a world full of information, you cannot simply rely on ordinary information to captivate your audience. That’s why I call it “information glue”. That’s what Apple does.

Apple creates plenty of ‘information glues’ to captivate their audience

While explaining a product, Apple goes into the minutest details about how it helps users accomplish their tasks. They will talk about why the extra height would assist in viewing videos or how they actually constructed the whole thing into several layers to help protect it. They go into the minutest details to showcase their product and relate each detail to buyer’s need. Every information piece is intelligently tied to a usage scenario. On the top of it, there are elements of surprise and little ‘Aha’ moments inside this detailing. At the end of the day, ‘product information’ is already sold before the actual product.

Result? you want to have that experience

You are eager to hold that phone in your hand and feel the magic of the new display. You are captivated. That’s the power of “information glues”. It captivates your audience and they want more. They want to experience your service and they are willing (even eager) to pay for it.

When you add those “information glues” in your proposal and offers, you stand miles ahead of others. The minute detailing in your offer can captivate your client, motivating them to experience your service. At this point, it’s future that matters, it’s the possibility that intrigues them so much. If you haven’t done anything like that in past, it’s hardly an issue. Because those minute details, tell your prospect the entire story.

More importantly, it’s not about the quantity of information…it’s about the quality of information and ‘how’ you present it. Once you learn the art of creating “information glues”, your client stick to you, just like the honey bee attracted to a flower full of nectar.

You can bring the ‘honey bee effect’ in your offers and proposals

But unfortunately, most people miss on this by a wide margin. Let’s get it, your prospects are tired of boring proposals that just talk about facts. They are looking for more.

That’s why I have in store for you a brand new course called “The Art of Proposal Writing”. This one of it’s kind course teaches you the nitty gritty of writing great proposals. It shows you a system, a framework to craft impressive proposals. It helps you apply the the power of “information glues” to captivate your prospect.

Imagine what it would be like if your proposal acceptance rate doubles. What will happen to your business if you could leave a solid impression in front of each one of your prospects, through your proposal? How will you leverage a proposal to initiate great client relationship?

The course is coming up soon and you can enter the free waiting list by clicking here.

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