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How to Achieve Remarkable Results Using the Power of Outcome Visioning

visualizing outcomes

visualizing outcomes

Outcome visioning is a powerful technique to produce remarkable results in your work and life. Unfortunately this idea is not grasped fully by most of us and benefits not reaped. In this article I will explain you what outcome focusing is and how you reap benefits by making use of it.

What happens when you decide to host a party at home? 

First you determine what kind of party it is. Is it a birthday party, or a family get together. This is your intention, the purpose.

Your purpose automatically triggers the natural planning process. You begin to think about what kind of food you will prepare, what kind of ambience you will create, convenient time when everyone can come, types of people you will invite etc. You probably did not think about these things consciously, but these are your principles.

Once you decide to fulfill your purpose, you might just begin to see a picture of how the party will be, the smell of the food, the people involved, the noise and laughter. You might even experience how it will sound, how it will look and the way it feels to be in the party, much earlier than the actual party. This is your outcome visioning

Outcome visioning is the art of building razor sharp clarity around your purpose and visualizing the end result by associating it with positive experiences.

Outcome focusing has three main elements:

  1. A purpose – The purpose is your intention, something you want to accomplish.
  2. The principles – Principles determine the boundaries and standards to fulfill your purpose. They are like guideposts to help you gain clarity around your purpose.
  3. The experience – What will it look like when your purpose is fulfilled? What picture does it create in your mind? What kind you experiences (seeing, hearing, feeling) can you associate when your purpose is fulfilled?

 Using Outcome focussing at Work

Let us assume you receive a request from a client to deliver a proposal. Your intention is to deliver the proposal. This is your purpose.

The principles around your purpose could be the timeline to deliver, level of detailing needed, topics covered, target audience (who will ultimately read it and take decision) and budgetary constraints. Each of these factors determines how your proposal will look like when it is ready.

Did you notice something? As soon as you determine the principles clearly, you could easily picture what it’s going to look like when it is finished. You could visualize how nicely the proposal structured and the satisfaction you will get after completing it. You could visualize how it would be appreciated by client and even see the positive emotions on their face.

In the above example, we associated the following experiences with your purpose of creating proposal:

  1. Satisfaction you will get
  2. The Appreciation may receive from client
  3. Positive emotions on client’s face

Now the magic begins here. As you begin working on the proposal, the quality of your actions will be substantially high, consistent to the outcome you have envisioned.

That’s outcome visioning in action! Does it raise standard of your work? Does it induce higher predictability around quality of your deliverable? To answer this question, imagine for a moment that you did not think of these things consciously and just began writing the proposal. What outcome could you see? Better or worst?

Once you get used to outcome visioning, you can produce remarkable results in your work and life. Begin with a smaller/easier project and keep practicing until it becomes your second nature.

Once you do, let me know about your experiences!

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