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A clear mind can boost your productivity

In the previous blog post, I showed you a very simple way to supercharge your productivity. If you have done those five steps, you might have felt better and a bit relaxed. The reason why you could overcome the stress is because you gave your mind the space it needed.

Let me elaborate it some more.

Our mind has a temporary memory that keeps reminding things which are open and not handled. Even right now, while you are reading this article, you might have certain thoughts that keep coming back. What are those open items? A majority of us has many such open loops, not just one or two. In fact, if you sit down and start writing about all your open items, they will run into may be 50 or 100 items at least.

The reason why these ‘open item’ thoughts come again and again is because your mind does not know when to trigger these thoughts. It only understands that there is something ‘unhanded’ and you ought to do something about it. It could be either doing that task or simply doing something about that task.While it is next to impossible to do all ‘open items’ we have immediately, it is certainly possible to do something about them. So, we wrote them down on a piece of paper (or screen). The moment you wrote them down on a piece of paper or screen, your mind was free from it because it got handled somewhere. Now your mind got the message that it need not to worry about those open items any more. As a result, you started feeling one more bit relaxed and focussed. How magical that is?

If you look at the most productive people around you, you will find that they are clear about a majority of their ‘open items’. As a result, they are much more relaxed and focussed on the immediate task on hand.┬áSo next time, when you get the thought of an ‘open item’, immediately write it down somewhere you will reference later. And see how your ┬ámind works to your advantage!

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