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A Culture of Productivity

Our world is getting more and more complex, and there is no looking back. In these turbulent times, a new demand has risen. A culture that people want but are they are unaware of. A culture of productivity.  Here are ten essential elements of the culture of productivity:

  1. Defining work is also work – The master key to getting productive in 21st century is defining what the work is. Your personal effectiveness is directly proportional to the level of clarity and definition around your work.
  2. Keeping nothing in head  – Mind is like a container. If you keep it empty – often, it will instantly start creating. The secret to great work is a clear mind.
  3. Speaking wisely – If two words are sufficient, the third one is not needed. The more you use your words diligently, the more power they will carry.
  4. Focussing – Gone are the days of hard work and smart work. It’s time to get into focused work. Dedicate a fixed time focussing on one thing. Turn-off all external distractions, shut the internet, cellphone and get yourself engaged deeply.
  5. Single tasking – Stop doing two things at once. Acknowledge that you have too many things and take high quality single action choices instead of ineffective multiple choices.
  6. Editing your commitments – Make difficult choices to live easier life. It may also mean giving up things dear to you because there are other things dearer.
  7. Becoming mindful about making commitments – Think twice, thrice,…before adding a new commitment to your psyche. Are you prepared for the long haul? While it takes a few seconds to make a commitment, it may take countless hours to fulfill one and even a large amount of your attention to re-negotiate it.
  8. Consuming technology diligently – Technology can make you super efficient and save a lot of time. At the same time, technology can be damaging to your mental, physical, emotional and social world. Learn when not to use technology. Find when you can remain without it and practice it often. You will love being with yourself and with your loved ones, without technology in between.
  9. Reflecting upon experiences – Self development can come from Self. Anything you read or listen can impact you if it turns into a Self-belief. Consciously reflecting upon your behaviors, patterns and urges allows you to shape-up your self-beliefs and help you improvise.
  10. Living purposefully – What’s your purpose? What can you stand for? What’s the purpose of your day? What’s the purpose of your week? Goals follow purpose and actions fulfills them. Have purpose beyond your survival instinct. Can you take the road less travelled?

These are simple principles yet not so common. Can you embrace them? Why not get started and give it a try?

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Hrishikesh Jobanputra is the Author of Productive Motion.com. He helps business owners and self-starters get ahead in work and life.

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