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5 steps to supercharge your productivity

During certain occasions you feel perplexed looking at the sheer amount of tasks that needs to be done. You start feeling stressed, literally submitting to the circumstances and giving all up in the form of procrastination. There is just too much to do and to little time to think and act. If you feel anything like this, doing the 5 steps below will help you get back into action:

  1. Write your ‘to-do’ list on paper or screen – Take all the tasks out of your head, into an external entity. After all your mind is not the best place to store your ‘to-do’ list.
  2. Process your ‘to-do’ items – Sort the list into three categories – immediate, later and future
  3. Pick the highest priority task – From your “immediate” list, pick one item which is a burning priority or hot on the list
  4. Identify the next action – For this “immediate” task, identify the next action you can take right now
  5. Do it – Take the action

You will notice that you instantly start feeling better. Why did this happen? Of course there are some basic mind principles at play. I will share some deeper insight into this in the next article.

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