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5 productivity habits that will save you a lifetime of stress and anxiety

5 Productivity habits

5 productivity habits to elevate your performance

Making things happen, innovating, working less, having all the time to do things you really want to do – all this is not really difficult to have. What’s difficult is to mould our own behaviors and work patterns to have those great things in life.

Here are 5 simple behaviors that can make a lasting difference in your productivity and  quality of life:

  1. Write, make a to-do list: Always keep a journal where you can write down ideas, set-backs(yes!), accomplishments, to-do list, goals and even unspoken feelings. More writing = more clarity.
  2. Overcome Internal resistance: Is there something important you are putting off for a long time? You want to file your taxes, start a hobby or initiate a new business. Make it happen. When you start something that you resisted for a long time, a tonne of energy gets released.
  3. Create a great work environment: Good space will inspire you to do great work. There are times when your energy level is low. You can use this time as an opportunity to clean-up and create your workspace.
  4. Take actions with Conscious Awareness: Before doing a task, ask yourself – Is there anything better I can do right now? What’s the single most important thing I need to take care that will free up my energy? Can someone else do the task I am going to do? Once you bring priorities and options to your conscious awareness and think about the work before working on it, you will pick the right things to do.
  5. Make ‘No’ your default answer to a new commitment:  A majority of us are in default ‘yes’ mode when it comes to making commitments to ourselves and others. Your friend invites you to a party, and default answer is ‘yes’. Your colleague invites you to a business event, default answer comes up – almost automatically. The moment your first internal conversation to a new external or internal commitment is ‘No’, you will think more responsibly before saying ‘Yes’ to it. And  when you say ‘Yes’, it will be real with less broken promises and more fulfilled commitments.

The list above can be longer but Instead of “knowing” 10 good things, it makes sense to DO just one great thing right away.

What did you pick?

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Hrishikesh Jobanputra is the Author of Productive Motion.com. He helps business owners and self-starters get ahead in work and life.


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